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What's in my beach bag!

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Let's talk beach bags! Finding the perfect beach bag can be tricky. You want it to feel light, but hold as much as possible without it being bulky. This year I purchased two new beach bags. The first one is from target and the second on I got from @crocheting_gems highly recommend you follow her because my beach bag is GREAT. The beach bag from target has pockets which is great for last minute bag stuffing and it's on the larger side. It feels light and holds a lot of things. I bring this bag on the beach when I have to carry more than one person's items. My bag from @crocheting_gems is a handmade bag that is lined on the inside, so sand easily falls out! I bring this bag on the beach with me when I am only carrying my own beach items! This bag is located in the picture you see. Let's talk about what's inside my bag.

Beach towel! Personally I like to sit in a beach chair but that can't fit in my beach bag... so beach towel it is. When I am ready to tan my back (which if you are anything like me you do not do this very often) I grab my beach towel. I also use my beach towel to place my beach bag on so nothing gets sandy. I do NOT like the textures of towels unless they are fuzzy (is anyone else like this?). Instead I found this GREAT company called Sand Cloud. Sand Cloud has the cutest beach towels that feel more like a light blanket than a towel. I really love this because its a great size that stretches long and wide. When I do lay on it my entire body fits and I have wiggle room to roll over without getting sandy. They have the cutest patterns to choose from and they can be multipurpose (I use it for picnics, decor for my outdoor chair, and more)! The sand comes off really easy with a good shake. Washing it is simple, cold water and a good air dry! What I also love about this company is they give 10 percent of proceeds back to marine life! If you want to check Sand Cloud out please click on the link below. You will get a free $15 discount code for any purchase you make above $50. HTTP://RWRD.IO/2RJJ4X4 .

HAIR BRUSH! If you have hair, bring this. In the picture above you see my beach brush. This is my designated brush that I bring to the beach with me. If I do not brush my hair throughout the day it gets very tangled and the texture changes even after my shower. It also is good if you are feeling hot and forgot to put your hair up at home, you have a brush to help!

Scrunchies! (or hair ties) are a MUST. You can never carry too many hair products, especially on the beach! Sometimes wearing your hair down on a cooler day is our go to but once that sun kicks in or you want to pull back your hair, especially for that sandwich you packed for lunch!

Deodorant! I feel like a lot of us do not think to bring this to the beach. This is a life savior. Why? Well if your in the sun for 6 hours a day like I am when I go to the beach you are going to sweat and get a little gross. Especially if you take walks on the beach! Having deodorant with you on the beach leaves you always smelling fresh! I use dove mens deodorant no aluminum. Mens deodorant tends to last longer and has a stronger smell that I love!

Tula Skincare, Glow and get it. This is an AMAZING product that was given to me in my Boxycharm box (blog post about this coming soon). My code for Boxycharm is Taylor-XBNGDPYU. Yall it is literally my new obsession. You apply the stick under your eyes and it gives your under eyes and amazing cooling feeling. It also brighten up your under eyes. What is so great about this stick is if you need a pick me up and just are looking or feeling like you need a little pick me up this is the best product. Bringing this on the beach is my favorite thing because when my face feels hot I place the product right under my eyes and it immediately give my face a great feeling. You can also apply this stick on top of your makeup which is super cool! It does not mess it up, it just gives your under eyes a little glow. This stick can be used on males as well!

Chapstick! I use the Eos Mint flavored. After I apply sunscreen to my face I always put on chapstick as extra protection. It keeps your lips from getting burned!

Sunscreen- Always protect yourself from the sun. I am not one who gets burned because I have olive skin which usually tans nicely without getting red. However even though I know I do not burn I always put on sunscreen. I normally use 15 SPF but if that is not available I will always go higher SPF if I have too!

Bali Body Tanning Oil- Bali Body is a company I found on instagram that had good reviews. I bought their tanning oil to try it out! I normally carry tanning oil with me on the beach. I apply it OVER my sunscreen, and reapply it every 15 minutes. If you have fair skin I recommend not using tanning oil. This tanning oil smells great. I got the watermelon oil and it does not have a weird smell to it! However, I did not find it different from other oils I am glad I gave it a try. It was on the pricer side so I will probably stick to a CVS or Ulta brand moving forward. I did also buy their self tanning foam and that was a game changer. Head over to my instagram under beauty to see how amazing their self tanner is!

Water/ Pedialyte - STAY HYDRATED. Guys you must bring water with you at the beach. The one I pack in my bag is my "backup water" normally I pack water in a cold cooler, but if you are with multiple people water can go fast. It's important to carry water with you even if you think it's not too hot of a day. You have to drink. Sometimes when I sit out in the sun I get a slight headache. Most likely it is because I am dehydrated. My go to is putting a Pedialyte in my water. It hydrates me so fast and I promise you it's a crazy cure for headaches (and hangovers). You can find it in the baby isle at CVS. I get the variety pack the flavors, they are so yummy!

AirPods or headphones! I always bring some sort of headphone with me to listen to podcasts or music. Sometimes I like to tune out my surroundings. It is a great option to carry around headphones. I do find that I rarely use them because I love the sound of the ocean.

Wallet. When I go to the beach I NEVER bring my whole wallet. I bring some cash incase of an emergency of any kind and always carry my ID. To me having my ID on me is super important.

Sunnies! Always bring your sunglasses . Even if you prefer a hat I recommend you bring sunglasses just incase! Having eye protection from the sun is going to reduce headaches! Also, I find with hats that they make me sweat more. Sunglasses protect me from the sun without getting gross.

Inhaler. If you have asthma I can not stress to you enough how important it is you bring this to the beach with you. Many of us with asthma forget to bring our inhalers with us on the beach. Since the air is much hotter and thicker on the beach, along with some wind, it can become very hard to get a good deep breath in. BRING THIS WITH YOU. I can not tell you how many times I had to reach in my bag to get some relief on really hot or windy day.

This may seem like a lot of items to pack in one bag, but I come prepared!

What do you put in your beach bag?

~Taylor Ann~

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