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My perception of food.

Food is a huge part of culture, socialization, and traveling. I value the importance of food and how it brings people together. Whether you are trying a new restaurant with friends or cooking your families secret recipe for the first time, food creates memories and happiness. My food page is going to teach you about new recipes you can create on your own, along with my go to restaurants and what I love on their menu's!

My food restrictions.

I am lactose intolerant. My allergy was a lot worse when I was younger but it does still affect me. I have been drinking Lactate milk (the purple kind) for years and can't imagine myself going back to skim milk, it tastes too funky! Recently I have discovered I have IBS (sorry if thats TMI) which is affected by all kinds of things including dairy. I have tried to eliminate dairy and gluten from my diet to ease my IBS symptoms but it's been an uphill battle that I am still trying to navigate.

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